Does Sense A Life work with any car or car seat

Sense A Life works with any car, car seat, & booster seat.

Do I need a smartphone to use Sense A Life

Sense A Life was developed to protect all children regardless of what type of phone their caregivers have! Our first and main alert is a loud vocal alert from the device speaker. The driver will immediately be aware of the child's presence before getting too far away. The 2nd & 3rd alerts are through our mobile app which do require a smartphone.

What is the child weight requirement to use Sense A Life?

Our child sensor requires only 2 pounds of pressure to activate the device. Again, we want to protect all children regardless of their weight or size!

Who needs to have Sense A Life?

Anyone that handles a baby/child in a carseat or booster seat. Sense A Life provides safety & Peace Of Mind no matter who's watching or driving the child. We are all human & can make mistakes. Since children are under the care of other when parents are at work or at events, why not have an alert to make sure your loved ones are always happy and SAFE!

How long does it take to install?

As you have seen in our nice video, grandma installs it in less than 30 seconds!! There is no wiring to the vehicle or child seat (which can void your warranty) making it a breeze to transfer between caregivers and vehicles. We did not want to add a chore or a hassle to an already busy day.

What happens if the driver does not respond to the Mobile App Alert?

On your Mobile App, you will be able to designate multiple emergency contacts. If the driver fails to respond to the Mobile App Alert, a secondary alert is sent to the emergency contact. For example, If grandma has the baby and is not responding, mom/dad can be contacted no matter where they are that something maybe wrong. They can then call and check on the child.