Sense A Life has been featured on 100s of news and media outlets around the world.

Huffington Post

After heavily testing Sense-A-Life through clinical trials, consultations with safety experts and stress testing, Shamma is proud to report they’ve developed a functional product.

People Magazine

The pair have already applied for a patent for the device – that first uses a voice alert to remind drivers to remove a child from a car seat when the car door opens, then sends a back-up alert to a linked phone.

Tech Crunch

The Sense A Life solution seemingly works with nearly any car seat, and looks easy enough to swap between seats on the fly if needed.

ABC Action News

Installation takes less than 30 seconds,” he said, adding This is a new invention that's a breakthrough and could save a childs life. The technology may be mandatory in all cars in a few years by working closely with large orginizations like Kids and Cars.

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The Today Show

Every year, children die due to heat stroke after being trapped in hot cars. Now, there are apps and products designed to remind parents that their children are in the back seat. Sense A Life is currently offering the only way to save your children without voiding your warrenty and works with every car model.

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Cutting edge science and medical innnovations, Sense a life can be used on any vehicle and is designed to be easy enough to install by anyone. And you can move it from car to car with no worries, and the app is designed to alert both the parent and emergency contacts.

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Sense A Life has been featured on 100s of news and media outlets around the world.